Sandra Porcar - Culture is Development

About me

I always wanted to do something meaningful with my professional life, and that is why, after graduating as an economist, getting a permanent job, buying a house, etc…I realised I was meant to do something different. But I didn’t know what yet, so I continued questioning myself until I found out: I wanted to help people to have better lives.

Once my professional goal was set, I needed to start working to achieve it. I studied a masters in international development, travelled to several African countries, work for different NGOs, etc..until I finally got caught up in the world of development. Throughout my experience, I got the opportunity to discover the power of arts and culture as drivers of human development, and I felt somehow anxious when I discovered they were not at the forefront of development, mainly because their impact can’t be quantified using the traditional statistics methods.

With Culture is Development I want to give voice to artists and creators around the world and learn from their experiences in cultural projects. By creating this platform I attempt to show the benefits of arts and culture and raise awareness on its importance on any contexts, developed or developing.

If you want to know more about me, you could visit Linkedin or just write me.