What is this about?

Welcome to Culture is Development!

This is a blog to unfold to the world the power of arts and culture in development processes, both in developing and developed countries.

A sustainable development must consider different dimensions to ensure a better tomorrow for the people: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection are essential, according to the United Nations. The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations in 2015, are meant to shape the international development agenda until 2030 and aim to transform our world into a better and safer place, by focusing on areas of attention like health, education, gender equality, peace and climate action, among others.

Unfortunately, arts and culture are not yet considered as a goal to promote development. It could be because, traditionally, the role of arts and culture in a society is often associated to leisure and amusement. Going to a concert or a to a theatre play, is usually seen as a way of having fun with your friends and family, rather than being something from which you could benefit from. Similarly, being involved in an artistic activity like practicing photography, playing an instrument or dancing are things that are not always considered as a priority in development contexts where other basic needs are still unattended.

So, with that in mind, why should the international development community pay attention to arts and culture? Well, because working with arts and culture boosts self-stem and self-exploration. It bridges differences and helps understanding. It confronts the reality and empowers individuals to overcome difficult situations. It provides valuable skills to be used in different day to day situations and make people capable of creating new future possibilities by themselves.

Culture is Development wishes to give voice to the people who are benefiting from arts and cultural projects and initiatives around the world and, through them, learn a little bit more about the power of culture in development.

Stay tuned!

More to come in the following weeks!

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