Ronald Palacios and Proyecto Casa B

(Bogotá – COLOMBIA) RONALD lives in Belén, one of the neighborhoods of La Candelaria, the historical and cultural center of Bogotá. Belén is a very small area comprised by no more than twenty blocks. Due to its location, receives a lot of movement of people traveling in and outside the city center, but despite that, it can still be considered a quiet area. Unluckily Belén … Continue reading Ronald Palacios and Proyecto Casa B

What is this about?

Welcome to Culture is Development! This is a blog to unfold to the world the power of arts and culture in development processes, both in developing and developed countries. A sustainable development must consider different dimensions to ensure a better tomorrow for the people: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection are essential, according to the United Nations. The seventeen Sustainable Development Goals defined by … Continue reading What is this about?